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Voice Quality Recording Restoration (VQRR)

Nevada Court Interpreters voice quality restoration systems provide audio/video recording enhancement and authentication for audio evidence in any audio/video format. Noise reduction and intelligibility issues are the focus of NCI's enhancement techniques. Intelligibility of dialog recorded on a tape or digital hand-held recorder can make or break a case. Recordings are inherently noisy and when a recording is made in such a way that it worsens the signal to noise ratio it becomes problematic. Transcribing noisy audio is very difficult for many reasons. One significant reason is that the transcription expert when confronted with noise levels that are greater than the content of the dialog can render many areas as [inaudible]

NCI's VQRR services include audio/video forensic archival/preserving, restoration, noise reduction, enhancement and support. Our solutions include audio analysis and enhancement of:

NCI's process of eliminating noise from audio recordings and restoring intelligibility for transcription has earned NCI a reputation for excellence in the legal community. Call NCI today for a project quote: 702.533.1600

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